One of the most popular serial Anupamaa is going to give his audience a real drama to their audience and that’s also would be an interesting in the upcoming story. 

Vanraj’s behave is embrassing everyone and hence Kavya tries to make Vanraj about his behave and the consequences of his actions he did with Anupamaa in puja.  

After all this incident Anupamaa breakdown and then Anuj feel heartbroken after seeing Anupamaa at this stage. Then later on he tries to make Anupamaa realise her strength and advises her to leave Shah’s mentions. 


Anuj convinced Anupamaa that if you have to reach higher goals to gain something you have to lose something for that she has to leave Shah’s mansion. 

Anupamaa finally decide

At last Anupamaa will leave Shah’s mansion with Devika, Bapuji & Children will approve her decision of leaving the house. 

The upcoming epsiodes of the Popular show Anupama is going to be interesting.  

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